In the field of rational use of energy and energy management, NETWORK offers full technical support and consulting services on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Assessment of the existing energy economy situation of industrial production units and enterprises. Short and long energy auditing. Statistical analysis and evaluation of energy data.  Formulation of detailed energy balance sheets and associated economic charts.  Determination of the energy consumption structure and the basic energy characteristics and efficiencies of individual production processes.
  • Investigation of the appropriate means/interventions required for improving the energy efficiency. Technical and economic evaluation and prioritisation of the various feasible actions.
  • Formulation of integrated energy conservation programmes, as well as renewable energy programmes. Feasibility studies for their effective realisation using state-of-the-art methods and technologies.
  • Overall management of energy conservation and renewable energy programmes, measures and technical/financial interventions.
  • Feasibility studies for auto-production and cogeneration of electricity in energy-intensive industrial and commercial units and complexes, using natural gas and RES. Selection of the most appropriate energy equipment. Analysis and evaluation of the relevant legal framework.  Technical support during negotiations with utilities.
  • Technical and organisational support for all types of energy programmes and actions, at various development levels (research, demonstration, full-scale development). The support which is offered includes formulation, proposal submission, promotion and management of said programmes.

Also, investigation of funding possibilities through national and/or European Union agencies and programmes.