NETWORK is in the unique position to offer the developing Greek gas industry specialised technical support and consulting services on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Market studies for the estimation of the potential natural gas demand in a given region.
  • Feasibility studies and consulting support for the use of natural gas in vehicles.
  • Design studies for low pressure gas distribution networks.
  • Supervision and project management services for the construction of medium and low-pressure urban natural gas distribution networks.
  • Organisation of natural gas distribution companies and investigation of the various financing possibilities for such companies and projects.
  • Formulation of detailed proposals regarding the legal as well as the financial, framework of operation of regional gas distribution companies.
  • Technical support for the determination of standards and safety regulations concerning the operation of gas distribution companies.
  • Assessment of gas supply and/or sales prices and formulation of appropriate gas contracts.
  • Technical support for parties involved in technical and/or financial negotiations related to natural gas.
  • Assessment of the potential of various organisations, both public and private, to act as gas distributors, and determination of the basic requirements and parameters for their successful operation.
  • Investigation, evaluation and detailed presentation of specialised gas technologies to interested industrial users.
  • Feasibility studies for the use of natural gas as primary energy source in industrial production units, or for the conversion of existing facilities from their current fuel use to natural gas.
  • Methodology, technology and any other factor related to the use or the quality of natural gas.
  • Evaluations and assessments on gas-related issues.

Technical support in negotiations for the supply and transport of natural gas, either by ship or by pipeline.