NETWORK offers full technical support and consulting services for industrial enterprises on key investment development, production and marketing issues, such as:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies and business pans for the development of industrial investments
  • Licensing and funding of industrial investments (installation and operation licenses, environmental impact assessment studies, state co-financing applications – CSF III, Development Law – monitoring and support during the processing of relevant applications, national and international loans, etc.)
  • Evaluation and assessment of industrial equipment and installations for sales, acquisition, merging and insurance coverage purposes
  • Marketing services for industrial products, including market research, identification of possible manufacturers, suppliers and clients, promotion and sales of the relevant products in the domestic and international markets, purchase of high quality-low cost raw materials and products, etc.
  • Manufacturing support services, including technology transfer, resource planning (M.R.P.), production planning, product introduction, productivity, methodology for the successful production and control of various products, quality control, preventive maintenance, etc.
  • Design and  application  of  quality   assurance     programmes
  • Business organisation, including management methods, information technology, project management, contract laws for technical projects, standardisation, etc.