In the field of environmental protection and pollution abatement technology, NETWORK offers integrated consulting services and full technical support to a wide range of industrial enterprises on topics such as:

  • Testing and monitoring of gaseous, liquid and solid pollutant emissions from industrial sources. Assessment of their impact on the environment, based on area characteristics (topography, microclimate), industry type and presence of other pollution sources in the wider area, through the use of advanced methodology, models and software
  • Identification and systematic classification of all sources of pollution in the various production stages of a given industrial unit
  • Investigation and presentation of technically and economically feasible modifications in the production process that can effectively reduce pollutant emissions
  • Formulation of the overall pollution control problem in a given industrial installation and assessment of the effectiveness of existing pollution abatement equipment and technology
  • Feasibility studies for upgrading existing pollution control systems (modifications – improvements – extensions), or for the optimal selection of new systems
  • Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Solid waste management studies for industries, municipalities, etc.

Information, assessment and support on relevant environmental rules and regulations, as they come into effect and evolve at the national and international level (European Union, United Nations, etc.)